Testimonials from Patient Handling Specialists

We are pleased to provide the following testimonials from Patient Handling Specialists totally committed to improved patient handling outcomes.

Pippa Wright
Health & Safety Consultant
PO Box 1324
UPWEY  VIC  3158

1st April 2009

 Dear John,

Just a short note to say thank you for your constant support in the provision of the easy move slide sheets.

Over the years I have tried many brands and styles, but since using your sheets I have stopped looking, as your easy move slide sheets are the best I have used, they perform well under pressure, wash easily, with no problems of fraying or disintegrating.

I have used the same sheets in training for over 3 years and still no signs of wear, no matter how hard I work them. My students all happily take one away with them as they haven’t used anything with as good a slip as the easy move. Feedback from all my sites is always positive.

Thanks again for a great product.


Pippa Wright CPMSIA RSP (Aust) MASSE
Principle trainer – Back Attack 
Ò – An injury prevention Program
Occupational Health and Safety Risk Management Consultant
Preventative Injury Planning Strategies P/L

Mr. John Cleary
Easy Move Slide Sheets
Ballarat  VIC  3350

Dear John,

Slide sheets are such an important tool for everyone involved in patient handling. Over the years of training trainers, demonstrating and trialing many different slide sheets, I certainly feel that Easy Move Slide Sheets tick all the boxes ...

  • the fabric properties provide very low friction
  • they are very quiet
  • they are comfortable with soft edges
  • they are available in a range of sizes, including heavy duty sheets for bariatric care
  • they are deep enough to minimise over-reaching during lateral transfers
  • they come in a range of terrific colours - perfect when using two or more together, and importantly ... they are competitively priced

Thanks John for providing an excellent product ... and wonderful service to match.


Louise Whitby
Louise Whitby and Associates PL

Mr. John Cleary
Easy Move Slide Sheets
Ballarat, Vic 3350

Dear John,

As a health care and manual handling consultant I wish to thank you for your support and reliable service to my many clients and organisations over the past eight years.

Being involved in both community and aged care in Queensland, I enjoy training with Easy Move Slide Sheets as the quality low friction fabric can assist in reducing effort for the carer when moving a dependant client. They are soft and quiet, making them comfortable for the patient.

Easy Move Slide Sheets are available in a range of colours and sizes, and your trial sheets for evaluation are always gladly received.

The long term durability of Easy Move makes them very cost effective and I am happy to recommend them as an excellent slide sheet.

Yours sincerely
Leah Palmer
Leah Palmer Aged Care Consultancy

Easy Move Slide Sheets
VIC 3350
Dear John,
Thank you for the opportunity to share my extensive experience with “Easy Move Slide Sheets”, formerly “Smart Sheet”. As System Coordinator (Patient Handling) for Mayne Health in 2001, I conducted a formal structured evaluation of all available slide sheets on the Australian market. The identification of a more efficient slide sheet was essential to the potential success of a national “Smart Moves” program within the Mayne network.

The release of the “Easy Move Slide Sheets” provided a long awaited solution to the inherent problems of noise, drag and durability with existing slide sheets. It was evident to my associates and I that “Easy Move Slide Sheets” added efficiencies to patient handling not provided by other slide sheets. The excellent low friction characteristics, generous size and ease of use made its selection obvious.

“Easy Move Slide Sheets” are now well recognised tools in successful patient handling programs in Australia. “Easy Move Slide Sheets” continue to work beautifully beyond 150 washes. Clear instructions for washing are provided and are straightforward to follow.

After 8 years, I continue to use “Easy Move Slide Sheets” in my role as patient handling consultant, in my practice as a Physiotherapist and for exercise therapy.

“Easy Move Slide Sheets” provide a valuable solution to the challenge of patient handling, impacting favourably on best practice patient care and setting benchmarks in the arena of quality health care. I commend Easy Move Slide Sheets for providing previously unavailable efficiencies to safe patient handling practices in Australia.

Yours sincerely,

Gill Bartley

BedEx Pty Ltd

Mr. John Cleary
Easy Move Slide Sheets
Ballarat, Vic 3350

Dear John,

I have been using these sheets since 2003. I just love them. So quiet, so fine, so silky, they glide with ease without creating irritating noise. I recommend them to everyone.

I also like the fact there are 2 sizes from which to choose. The large ensures persons of all widths, lengths and weights have sufficient amount of doubled layer extending beyond their perimeter for the operator to grasp comfortably as well as to permit the positioning of the sheet with ease. The smaller sheet is just right for the petite, thin and frail person.

The durability the “Easy Move Slide Sheet” is impressive, passing the quick test of quality, where a pin hole puncture disappears in a second.

The sheets are so simple to store folding or stuffing into a small space.

These Easy Move Slide Sheets, make manual tasks when people handling so much easier.

Yours sincerely

Anne Taylor

Physiotherapist, Manual Task Consultant, Accredited Manutention Trainer.
Wise Work Pty. Ltd.
Nile Tasmania

Jillian Chisholm
J C Training
Cheltenham, Australia

Dear John,

I have been using your slide sheets now for about 6 years and I just love them. I am a physiotherapist now working full time delivering manual handling training in health, aged care, emergency services, home and community services and disability.

Easy Move sheets (formerly Smart Sheets) are soft, quiet and extremely slippery and come in a range of colours and sizes. When I am demonstrating them my trainees often remark with amazement how much better they are than those they use in their own workplaces. They are easy to use, easy to wash, quick drying, easily stored and very durable. You are very generous in providing sample for clients to trial.

I strongly recommend them to anyone requiring slide sheets to facilitate the safe moving of people. Apart from using them for moving people on beds or from bed to trolley/stretcher/shower trolley, I also use them to assist with the insertion of slings, both for clients in bed and clients sitting in wheelchairs or large recliners as seen in aged care. They are also useful to assist with repositioning in chairs or as an adjunct to slide board transfers between surfaces.

Thanks John and keep up your good work.

Yours faithfully,

Jillian Chisholm
Physiotherapist, Accredited Manutention Trainer
Manual Task Advisor
J C Training
Cheltenham Victoria