Product Information

Use Easy Move Slide Sheets for Quality, Efficiency and Durability

Slide Sheets are the patient handling innovation of the decade and the single most efficient low cost product for reducing effort when moving a patient on the bed.

Slide Sheets, however, are not all the same no matter what the makers’ claims. They vary greatly in quality, efficiency and durability and many fall below carers’ expectations.

Selection by performance based comparison is essential when purchasing Slide Sheets. Easy Move's credentials, as determined by extensive and exhaustive network trials are unsurpassed.

Easy Move set a new benchmark for Slide Sheet quality, efficiency and durability, possessing and retaining all the required Slide Sheet characteristics beyond 150 washes. (AWTA Documented.)

The ultra low friction of Easy Move fabric is immediately evident when moving a patient on the bed. We provide trial slide sheets for evaluation and comparison as part of our mission and vision to promote a better health care product. To use Easy Move is to be convinced!

Simple wash instructions are provided as a guide to maximise the life of Easy Move Slide Sheets beyond 150 washes, allowing Easy Move to retain its colour, lustre, softness and functional integrity when laundered correctly, using a pH neutral detergent and no other additives.